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I'm spreading the message that WELCOMED, SAFE and PLEASANT touch is a very good thing!


So, let me tell you about my job. As The Touch Ambassador, the message that I have to spread far and wide is that WELCOMED, SAFE, PLEASANT touch is a very good thing! Let's delve deeper into that:

WELCOMED means touch that you want and consent to. Everyone knows how icky it is when some creepy person inches into your bodyspace and you find yourself leaning backwards at extreme angles in a "get out of my space way", ditto when you're jostled up on the tube next to someone's protruding belly which is jiggling into your waistline - eurghhh.

SAFE means just that. Touch with a very pure intention, touch that isn't going to hurt you or make you feel defensive or scared. So often, touch gets a negative rap as it's associated with abuse or violence or someone making unwanted sexual overtures. None of that is safe touch. Safe touch makes you feel deliciously open, trusting and accepting. It comes from a very compassionate and listening place.

PLEASANT means touch that you like. If you hate massage therapists who knead you until it hurts or (my pet hate) do tickly strokes down the spine, then even though having a massage is deemed a "pleasant" activity, if it's not working for you, then it's not pleasant touch. Pleasant is that I-could-stay-here-all-day feeling.

Just as the BT ads used to say "it's good to talk", my slogan is that it's good to touch - as long as the touch fits these three criteria: welcomed, safe and pleasant. Remember, at all times you are in the driving seat and you are the judge of what is welcomed, safe and pleasant for you !


Cuddle Parties, touch education, empowering people around all aspects of touch and wellbeing, improving the quality of people's lives via touch, the Little Book of Hugs, using massage therapy to get people into "the zone"