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April 20, 2007


Ciaran Hamilton

Sadly, there are still people out there who see Cuddle Parties as creepy, or are weirded out by them.

I know - I mentioned it on my blog at some point (it's in a locked entry, so unfortunately you won't be able to see it) and I got four responses - only one was positive about the idea, the others ranged from "I'd be creeped out by it, not for me, let us know how you get on though!" to "I think they're quite mental and not entirely helpful." :(

I'll blog about my experiences today at the Cuddle Party, but I don't understand why people would feel this way. I think it's an awesome idea!


Hi Ciaran!
I hope this finds you doing really well! If you'd like to share your post-Cuddle party blog entry with readers here (or some snippets of it) then that would be great!
Big cyberhug!!!

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